Yasser Arafat Peace Agreement

The 1990s were a decade of intense negotiations on the peace process between Israel and its Arab neighbours. In Madrid and Oslo, as well as in Shepherdstown and Camp David, two American presidents have tried to bring peace to the Middle East. The treaty is established in the case of a derivative of the Oslo process. When secret talks between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) broke out in 1993, King Hussein of Jordan felt betrayed. For years he had secretly met with the Israelis to transmit peace; Now he has discovered that they are secretly meeting the Palestinians and that they are entering into a deal without consulting him. The PLO, other Arabs, had not consulted the king. He was devastated. The former Prime Minister believes that Israel has had no choice since the beginning of the intifada, “and no matter who is Prime Minister” (perhaps a Jab in his former rival and Labour Party colleague, shimon Peres, currently Israeli Foreign Minister), but to fight terrorism by military force. He believes, however, that military efforts against terrorism must be accompanied by a continuation of the desire to resume peace negotiations on the basis of the Camp David formula. Nevertheless, he has no chance of succeeding in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations as long as Arafat and like-minded Arab leaders take the reins.

He seems to think about the generations and he hesitantly predicts that the Palestinians will not be willing to compromise until “80 years” after 1948. By then, most of the generations who lived first-hand in the 1948 disaster will be dead; There will be “very few salmon” who will still want to return to their birthing homes to die. “The Fortuitous Fruit of Oslo” A member of the Palestinian National Council summarizes the many shortcomings of the Oslo peace process, which maintained a status quo that prevented Palestinians from having a national homeland. It was agreed that the Israeli and Palestinian delegations would exchange the names of the persons they had designated as members of the Israel-Palestine Joint Liaison Committee, which would be agreed upon.