Tree Farm Lease Agreement Denr

Agroforestation is an important tool in the development of the highlands. If properly practiced, it helps to promote soil and water protection while increasing the productivity and sustainability of highland farms for the benefit of people. The PSC makes highland dwellers managers of residual forest areas. Municipalities will receive a 25-year Forest Management Agreement (CFMA). These agreements can also be renewed for a further period of 25 years, which is consensual for the DENR and the Community. The communal organization may harvest, process and sell forest products from the area in accordance with a management plan previously submitted to the DENR. The plan must comply with the prescribed rules and follow the principles of sustainable yield management. In 1988, the DENR introduced the PNR, which consists of three main components: reforestation, rehabilitation of watersheds and improvement of the timber park. The reforestation component focuses on the replanting of wooded areas with native and exotic forest species, including fruit trees, bamboos and small forest species. One of the reforestation strategies used is Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR), which involves carrying out the increase planting of Climax species in order to improve future yield at minimal cost. Improving wood stocks (ITS) involves removing over-stunted and low-quality trees to improve growth in deforested areas. Reforestation, ANR and STI are approaches for the rehabilitation of identified critical river basins and river basins.