Sophos End User License Agreement, with the exception of certain parts of the java.util.competitor.CopyOnWriteArrayList class customised by the java.util.ArrayList class, written by Sun Microsystems, Inc., which are used with a courtesy and are subject to the following conditions: Classpath is distributed under the terms of the GNU general public license with the following specific clarification and exception. If you connect this library in a static or dynamic way with other modules, a combined work will be created from this library. Thus, the terms of the GNU general public licence cover the entire combination. As an exception, the copyright owners of this library allow you to link this library to independent modules in order to create an executable file independently of the licensing conditions of these independent modules and to copy and distribute the executable file resulting under the terms of your choice, provided that you meet the conditions of the license of this module for each linked independent module. An independent module is a module that is not derived from that library or is based on that library. If you change this library, you can extend this exception to your version of the library, but you don`t have to. If you don`t want to, remove this exception statement from your version. You will not prevent your employees and contractors from modifying, (a) modifying, translating, decompiling, decompiling, decompiling, creating, conceding or distributing derivative works on the basis of products, including, but not exclusively, firmware or associated documentation; (b) rental or rental rights of products, including, but not limited to, firmware or software or accompanying documentation, in any form to a person; (c) except as provided in Section 5, cede or transfer broadcast rights to other persons or companies, or (d) remove all ownership, labels or trademarks on products, including, but not limited to firmware, software, documentation and container. The license and duration of use are indicated in your claims. Your rights under this Agreement will be terminated immediately without Sun`s notice if you significantly violate them or take action that is contrary to the rights of Sun and/or its software licensees. Sun may terminate this contract if software is subject to intellectual property infringement or misappropriation of trade secrets, or sun`s reasonable opinion.

After the software is completed and destroyed, you end the use and destroy compliance with the regulations in writing to Sun. Sections 1, 5, 6, 7 and 9-15 will last the termination of the contract. Unless otherwise stated, the contribution that was intentionally deposited by you to the licensee to be included in the work will be made under the terms of this licence, without additional conditions. Regardless of the above, there is no substitute or change in the terms of a separate licensing agreement that you may have executed with the licensee with respect to these contributions. The purpose of this section is not to induce you to infringe patents or other property rights or to challenge the validity of those rights; The sole purpose of this section is to protect the integrity of the free software distribution system implemented by public licensing practices. Many people have made generous contributions to the wide range of software distributed in this system, depending on the consistent application of this system; It is the decision of the author/donor to decide whether he is willing to distribute software through another system, and a licensee cannot force that choice. Subject to the terms of this licence, each contributor grants you an indeterminate term: worldwide, non-exclusive, free, free, irrevocably (except as stated in this section) to make the patent license, made, used, offer, sell, import, import, and otherwise transfer, if such a license applies only to claims that are granted by such a contribution, which are necessarily violated by their contributions or by the combination of their contributions with the work on which