Member Declaration Agreement Upload Status Icai

Years: A. Use E-SERVICES Click on the self-service portal, create login and password. B. Click on the member SSP portal and access this portal. C. Click On My Company D. Then click Firm Module E. Then click Firm, then click Firm Name Approval Folder F. 4 Type of Notes, Ignore It G.

Select Radio Button for New Firm Name, Select CA H. Select Owner or Partnership Company I. Download available names, select and fill out Company Names. Then confirm FirmName J. If you want another business name, don`t fill in the company names in series 1 to 4, there`s another OTHER FIRM NAME option, fill it in and click the button To mark the first priority and don`t press the Upload button and validate the button. K. Check the address, generate the OTP and The Captcha and submit the application. L. If you are applying for a partnership company, the OTP must be controlled by all partners.

Mr. Download Form 117 N. Then register for your application and re-register, whether or not your application has been deferred to the RO level. o. Your app status will appear on the screen as: – Use A. E-SERVICES, click on the self-service portal, create a login and password. B. Click on the member SSP portal and access this portal. C. Click On My Company D. Click Firm Module E.

Then click Submitted Application F. Then click for ACTIVE FIRM G. Click on the action visible in the H request. Then click firm Module I. Then click on Form 117. I. Then click on the “Company 117” icon. K.

Click the eye button in the application. L. Finally, click at the top right on the company`s name change request. Mr. Fill out the form, generate the OTP, so the OTP partnership company will be verified by all partners and generate the pdf and download the form into the system. n. Your application status should be like: – The ho-in-charge member of the company can request the name change and the constitution of their name. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) was established by the Indian Parliament and is a state-regulated accounting body that is responsible for all official accounting activities and financial audits in the country.

She is also responsible for the accreditation of the audit profession in India. In addition, it is very important that ICAI portal companies follow a full and correct registration process for their membership and other prospects. It was decided to extend by 4 days the last deadline for filling out the multifunctional registration form for the year 2020-21, i.e. until 10 November 2020, On Tuesday, in order to alleviate the difficulties faced by companies to download the necessary data. To create a login ID and password, click on the SSP link (self-service portal) that appears at the top of the site`s home page. They end up on the application form, fill out the details and submit. I did it. Please go to our website and you will find SSP-Portal you can create your login login and password.

The ICAI Multipurpose Empanelment Form Panel for fiscal year 2020-21 is available from Once again, it may inform that the MEF application can only be filed when loading the financial documents of the company and the other partner/owner/member who practice on its own behalf. After the MEF form is filed, the return must be validated by all other partners regarding the OTP, otherwise the MEF application will not be processed further. It should be noted that changes to all MEF data are only taken into account if they are updated and updated in the ICAI spSp under the link individual auditors or chartered accounting companies in the country are aware of icAI`s stories and also of the fact that all CA companies working on the country`s site must be registered on the ICAI portal.