Master Services Agreement Saas

i. Sentieo, its collaborators and/or subcontractors are made available or made available to the customer by or on behalf of the group of customers in order to promote the provision of services to the customer; (c) collect and maintain, over the lifetime, all necessary consents, agreements and authorizations from individuals or other third parties for all uses, actual or intentional, of information, data or other content that the Customer will use in connection with the Services; and transfer) are considered originals and both constitute the same agreement as the parties accept the terms of this agreement by signing on the order form. m. “subcontractor” means any subcontractor of Sentieo to whom part of the services has been assigned under this Agreement. (a) This Agreement, including all annexes and supplements to this Agreement and to all order forms, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior and simultaneous agreements, proposals or assurances, in writing or orally, with respect to their subject matter. l. `staff` means the staff, senior management, independent contractors (and associated undertakings of independent contractors and their employees), temporary agency workers and representatives, in any event, of Sentieo and/or its affiliated undertakings and/or a subcontractor of such an undertaking involved in the provision of the services or part thereof; and if an applicable order form includes the provision of certain professional services (which generally include implementation, training in the use of the service or assistance in the performance of productions (as defined below) (“Professional Services”), such services are provided in accordance with the specifications annexed to the order form (“SOW”). Xii. the client and/or a serious external auditor appointed by the client at any time, with a period of at least 24 hours (and immediately by notification if the client reasonably believes that there is a breach of this clause 2 or if a supervisory authority so requires), the client and/or an external auditor appointed by the client; after the auditor has signed Sentieo`s confidentiality agreement to access sentieo systems and sites or data centers from which service data is stored and any other information that the customer reasonably needs to determine whether Sentieo has fulfilled its obligations under this clause 2; 11.4 Time and Material.

For time- and material-based services, services provided on an hourly basis are charged to the customer at the hourly rate indicated above. The customer will provide Donesafe with a prepayment as described above. Once received, this advance is respected to pay the costs of the project. If the costs incurred are higher in advance, Donesafe may either request an additional advance or issue an invoice for the overtime incurred. Donesafe is not required to continue work and may stop work if monthly bills are not paid on time. The customer must pay all outstanding invoices in full before returning to work. 11.5 Compliance with Customer Or Donesafe Rules. Where appropriate, each Party shall, at the premises of the other Party, take appropriate measures for training or other services to ensure that its personnel comply with the other Party`s appropriate rules and policies on safety, security and behaviour communicated to it, and, at the request of the Client, shall withdraw each of its collaborators from the Project without delay; who does not comply with these rules and regulations. (b) the indemnification obligations of a party set out in this Agreement shall in no event exceed the aggregate liability of either party arising out of this Agreement, whether in contract, tort or other theory of liability, the total amount paid by the Customer in the twelve months preceding the incident that gave rise to the liability. . .