Collective Bargaining Agreement For The Commercial Sector

In the national collective agreement in the commercial field, you can summarize them as follows: The new collective agreement for the period 1.2.2020 -31.1.2022 To read the full text of the national collective agreement in the commercial field, click here. In the collective agreement, what else is new compared to the previous contract? The national collective agreement in the field of industry governs employment contracts, the implementation of employment relationships and their duration by defining national legislation. Changes to the collective agreement for companies in the industrial sector or more than 800 employees must negotiate a trusted organization to increase interaction on the ground. The collective agreement sets out a minimum number of issues to be discussed. The collective agreement for workers in the industrial sector sets minimum working conditions in the retail trade, such as remuneration, working time bonuses, working time and holidays. For example, wages should not be covered by the minimum wages negotiated by WFP in the collective agreement. It is good to keep in mind that you cannot conclude an individual employment contract on lower terms than those agreed in the collective agreement. In addition to the commercial collective agreement, the agreement concluded in the retail sector includes the collective agreement protocol for IT employees (hereinafter the collective agreement protocol for retail employees), the collective agreement protocol for Hankkija-Maatalous sales staff, the collective agreement for warehousing and transport managers and the collective agreement for retail supervision. Scope The commercial collective agreement defines the minimum standards applicable in the commercial field, such as remuneration, working time, sickness benefits, weekday vacation pay, etc. The conditions are minimum conditions that employers must apply to all their employees.

National laws and regulations established by the national collective agreement of a given sector may not be amended by an individual contract of a worker. The national collective agreement in the market sector is an agreement between trade unions and employers in the industrial sector to regulate the minimum obligations and rights of workers. In the case of an individual agreement, the national collective agreement or national legislation takes precedence over what is contained in the individual agreement. The agreement exists between WFP for workers and the Employers` Association of Finland. The commercial collective agreement applies to enterprises active in retail trade, wholesale trade, agency activities, kiosk trade, petrol station activities, retail sales services and assistance activities or rental of machinery. The agreement applies to workers covered by the Working Time Act. The new flexible full-time work model allows more employees to get full-time employment. A joint working group is set up between WFP and the Finnish trade association to discuss how the workforce is employed and the related requirements from the point of view of business activities and employee needs. . .