American Airlines And Gol Announce Codeshare Agreement

Late last year, it was announced that Delta was going to invest in LATAM, prompting LATAM to sever its relationship with American. Latin America is a market where America was historically dominant, so now they have to rethink their whole strategy. American has served Latin America since 1942 and currently employs more than 3,300 team members with four air guest bases in the region: Bogota, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Lima. American flies up to 170 daily flights to 55 destinations in 18 Latin American countries, eight sleight of hand and Boston (BOS). The airline recently announced that it would increase service to celebrate Miami`s 30th anniversary as a Latin American hub. The new service includes more daily flights to Lima, Peru (LIM), from 29 March; enhanced service in Santiago, Chile (SCL); and an additional flight for the GRU from the winter of 2020. These new flights can now be purchased. The partnership between GOL and American Airlines will allow customers to easily purchase connecting flights with both airlines with a reservation and experience of ticketing, check-in, boarding and check-checking and seamless baggage throughout the trip. This will be coupled with a lot of aviation point and cashing on both airlines. This seems to be a fairly direct reaction to Delta`s recent expansion to Miami, as the airline has announced new routes to Orlando, Raleigh, Salt Lake City and Tampa. “GOL and American Airlines will now offer the most comfortable flights between South America and the United States,” said Eduardo Bernardes, vice president of marketing and commercial marketing at GOL. “We have strengthened our presence at major airports to better serve our customers. The codeshare partnership will soon reach more than 30 destinations in the United States.

Discussions between the two airlines began immediately after the Delta LATAM partnership was announced. It was also reported at the time that GOL was in talks with United Airlines for a partnership, although it is not certain that those discussions ended with Tuesday`s announcement. The partnership will make it easier for customers to purchase flights related to the two airlines with a single reservation and a ticket, in addition to check-in, boarding and baggage screening […] Earlier, American Airlines announced a codeshare agreement with Qatar Airways and GOL. […] Well, the latest news isn`t surprising, but American and Gol have announced a codeshare partnership, and American will also expand their flights to Miami. The new codeshare agreement between GOL and American Airlines will allow customers to seamlessly connect to 53 GOL flights beyond GIG, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Manaus and Fortaleza after being approved by authorities in the United States and Brazil. American expects the GOL code to be placed on selected flights in the United States. This relationship will replace and delineate frequent flyers in the first half of 2020. American Airlines announced today that it is entering into a new code-sharing agreement with GOL, Brazil`s largest airline, offering travelers new destinations throughout South America. The two airlines will create the most frequent route between the United States and South America American Airlines and Brazil GOL today announced its intention to launch a mutual codeshare agreement. If approved, American Airlines customers could fly 53 GOL flights beyond Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Manaus and Fortaleza.

In the end, an agreement with GOL is better than nothing, but it is hardly a substitute for the loss of LATAM.