Aip License To Publish Agreement

The request type defines the type of organization that uses the licensed content. AIP Publishing needs this information to control its business rules for licensing. Journal/Newsletter: A newspaper/newsletter license allows you to reuse editorial articles in a newspaper or newsletter. A newspaper is a publication that is often printed (daily or weekly) and contains recent news, magazines, commentaries and advertisements. The newspaper must appear in Broadsheet or Tabloid format and can be distributed free of charge or for a fee to subscribers or retailers. A newsletter is defined as a publication containing news items that are of interest to a particular group or organization and that are sent regularly. The newsletter authorization does not apply to newsletters with advertising revenues exceeding USD 10,000 per issue or newsletter sold through the retail trade (see newspaper/magazine authorization). Newspaper and newsletter permissions do not include online shipping (see website authorization or CD-ROM/DVD). For all submissions, a completed license agreement is required for publication. In order to minimize the time it takes to publish the procedure, we ask the authors to take the time to carefully complete the agreement. Manuscript repositories (or reintroduced) that do not have a completed license for the publication agreement are immediately returned. Authors should be cautious when changing the list of authors and/or the title of the manuscript during the peer review process.

To change the title or list of authors, it is necessary to submit a new license for the publication agreement. Author/Researcher/Scientist: Reuse is done by an author, researcher or scientist, not by the author of the licensed content. The new license allows authors to retain copyright and encourages them to publish and share their accepted manuscripts as soon as they are adopted. Example, held by the author of the publication AIP Advances: » © 2011, Author(s). All content in the article, unless otherwise stated, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License» NOTE: The year and version of the license are variable and depend on the release date mentioned in RightsLink. Coursepack/eReserve: A coursepack/e-reserve license allows you to reuse publisher content as part of a course package or electronic reserve. Curricula are printed or electronic brochures of related articles that have been developed as complementary material for a course in a school or university. E-reserves are online course packages or reserves. Quick Pricing: Follow the simple instructions to get a quick price offer. The price you are charged includes many variables, for example. B the type of applicant, the edition and the fees set by AIP Publishing.

In some cases, there is no fee, but you still get an authorization agreement from AIP Publishing….