Agreement To Surrender Ast

Be careful. We are recently in a horrible situation with a horrible tenant. I will not go into detail, but it was in our interest to leave. He offered to sign everything, return the keys and empty the property for a sum of money. (It was a reasonable amount, but much cheaper than a section 8 or 21. We have duly filled out a letter of delivery indicating the legal situation, and the law normally considers it a legal document, since we both signed it and he returned the keys. He said he would be back the next day to pick up his belongings (what a mistake we were directly sucked in). We used to do it for tenants sometimes because of rent arrears that we gave up to allow the rebate, and sometimes real reasons, because unexpected events had occurred in their lives, that we like to house and it has always worked well. This tenant is gone and we haven`t seen him for 4 days. He went back to the apartment and asked us for 400 dollars more to take out his belongings and leave. I didn`t know what to do, so we called the police and showed them the delivery letter.

The Tenant denied that it was his signature and told the police that he had taken drugs that day and that he did not remember anything. The police said the document was not legal and should come from a court or, at the very least, a lawyer. You said not to give him any more money and to do it through a lawyer. They asked us to leave. Outside, they said it seemed like it was probably planned, and he took advantage of our desire to get him out quickly to extort the initial amount of money, and it was always his intention to come back for more money, but a little less than the previous time. We went to a lawyer, and she said that in this case, a rebate must be signed with our lawyer and that he should use another lawyer to sign the delivery letter, so you can see that he had independent legal advice. We should pay for his lawyer. The apartment should be empty before signing.

After the police left, he left about 2 hours later, and he has not been in the apartment since, it was a week ago. Although I still use a discount letter with a normal tenant, I think this happened because that tenant has found a way to recover money, but more importantly if a tenant has drug problems or if its sign can be used on legal documents without independent lawyers confirming that they are signing in a clear state. If, according to the police, a mutual delivery letter is not a legal document, 1. The tenant could return whenever he wanted.