Agreement Text Meaning

This is even clearer where the full text of the Treaty indicates that the Annexes and Annexes are integral parts of this Agreement and the references to this Agreement contain its Annexes and Annexes. In theory, the concept of that agreement could be interpreted as relating to that specific contractual phrase or clause (e.g. B the arbitration agreement), but (i) if it is relevant, plus (ii) the likelihood that a party will argue that this agreement relates only to one party, plus (iii) the likelihood that a court will accept that interpretation, it is very low. Although it is redundant, I personally prefer approval as a defined term. Fourteenth century, in the meaning defined in the sense 1a (1), this is not the case. Capital letters should only be used if the term is used in the context of the definition. Sometimes we want to use the same words with the everyday meaning and not the defined meaning.