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The big take away from CES this year – at least when it came to TV’s – was the coming 4K spec. The funny thing for me was watching the “negative” reactions to this coming technology. Akin to when we moved from standard def to high def – and I’m sure when we moved from black and white to color – the commentary was mainly of the “why do we need this?”-type. My response to them is we need this because it is better. Color is better than black and white. High def is better than standard def. 4K is better than high def.

The other complaint is that we don’t have any content for this new standard. While this is true today, just like with the HD roll out, content will come. Japan is already taking steps to make sure this happens. This is the push and pull of technology and what really excites me about the future. Someone creates a solution to a problem you didn’t know that you had. Think the personal computer, the smart phone, or even the TV.

Content will come once there are screens out there to display the content. The below youtube video shows that already. This is ink blobs in slow mo. This is an art piece. The videos I saw from CES showed that this is what was being displayed on the panels on the showroom floor. This is the same thing we saw with HD. First came the artsy slow mo pieces, then came the nature films, then sports, then regular TV.

I just wish that I had a monitor that could show all the pixels in this video. My advice to you is to crank the resolution of this video up as high as it can go and enjoy.

(h/t to The Verge)

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